Distant Healing

by Marsha

Our world seems small today with the current use of the worldwide web, the global computer network. We are more aware of the profound connection of all mankind. Indeed we are seeing a practice called of non-local or distant healing being offered globally.

The idea of a connectedness across time and space is compatible with the teachings of many of the world’s religious, spiritual and mystical traditions. Interestingly, the findings of leading thinkers in the physical, biological and psychological sciences are becoming increasingly consistent with the common worldview of these traditions. Scientific research also supports the efficacy and validity of the practice of distant healing. The phenomenon of distance healing is becoming wide spread with practitioners in many genres ranging from Shamans and psychologists to Reiki masters.

Through the use of various training modalities and spiritual intention, we are able to influence the thoughts, images, feelings, and behaviors, physiological and physical activities of other persons and living organisms even while separated by great distances of time and space.

Some patients who receive a treatment of distant healing don’t care to know how it works: they only know the result is effective. Others need to have some greater explanation of the technical aspects of this practice.

A discussion of modalities of distant healing necessarily incorporates the ideas of quantum physics and the laws of creation and attraction. It is accepted in many circles in science and mainstream society that we are co-creators through the power of the mind. The vital energy follows the mind so we create with our thoughts. Our energy will flow where our attention goes whether we are consciously co-creating or not. In some areas of energy healing we work from a perspective that our mind, thoughts and simple desires become a part of the field structure of our energetic auric system (biofield)*. (Thus the term thought-form*) This in turn increases the creation of a possibility or event. What is imagined in the mind, thoughts and desires becomes realized in some way and is stored and recorded in the biofield, and can, therefore, be released or changed. This means that energy and the information it carries can be harnessed through intention and used to heal ourselves.

So how is this done?

Let us look briefly at some conceptual framework of a distant healing methodology in order to demystify the practice and assist the growing understanding and acceptance of this mode of healing in our very needy world.

Distant Healing is a process requiring certain mental and spiritual conditions in the healer. The sender is working with a process of intention to do a certain task for someone’s healing and is visualizing this from within a meditative state. Often the healer is operating in a theta brainwave*. A healer must be capable of focused attention in a mental state that could be described as “waiting empty”, or a “personality-neutral state of being”. One tradition states you must become as a hollow reed, a vehicle through which the connection between “heaven and earth” is made. This process requires practice, learning to become quiet and empty. It requires sitting in practice long enough for these shifts to persistently occur until one can easily and readily access this mind-state.

In the theta brainwave we are at the edge of consciousness before sleep and detached from 3-d reality. This is the interface between dimensions of consciousness where we are able to access information and have the ability to perform changes that facilitate healing.

In addition to intention and concentration, the healer is greatly helped by the attitude of compassion. Experience is the great and powerful teacher and many healers have had first hand experience with personal pain and suffering in all forms. A healer who has been able to rise above her own traumas may gain a blessing of grace and faith, which ideally translates into compassion.

Healing is a co-creation of 3 sources, namely the patient’s will, divine grace, and the healer’s will as facilitator. Ultimately the results of this work speak for themselves and offer us amazing opportunities to facilitate change and healing for one another.

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