On Energy Healing

by Marsha

Today we have widespread discontent with Western medicine. This is based on concerns about the safety and financial cost of conventional medical practices, especially pharmaceutical scandals and dangers. Complementary and alternative medicine is seen as increasingly useful to establish balance within the totality of medical treatment.

Energy medicine addresses the supposition that illness may result from causal factors that have disturbed the body’s energy’s and energy fields. Furthermore it is believed that these imbalances can be addressed via interventions into these energies and energy fields. There are many forms of energy such as kinetic, thermal, chemical and nuclear. In the case of energy medicine, we are dealing with those most pertinent to the body: electrical, electromagnetic and subtle energies. The hypothesis, that the body’s major energy systems operate using varying combinations of these, corresponds with a wide range of scientific data.

Although we are made of flesh, it is commonly accepted today that we are multidimensional beings and are intricately connected to everything in the world around us. We are bio-magnetic, bio-electric and bio-energetic. We carry a field of energy around us that connects us through unseen networks and pathways to every other living thing. The energy body, or aura, can be healed and manipulated by addressing the flow of energy into and around the person. (Note: the human biofield is interchangeably called the auric field, energy body and light body.) The universe consists of Life Force Energy, also called Prana or Chi. We are well aware that the stresses of suffering traumas of any sort (mental, emotional or physical) can throw life out of balance. In order to adequately address the healing of the body, it is imperative that the imbalances in the field structures be addressed for optimum healing of the entire being. RESTORATION OF THE HUMAN BIOFIELD IS ESSENTIAL TO THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF NOT ONLY THE INDIVIDUAL BUT OF THE PLANET AS WELL! Therefore restoration and maintenance of the Human Biofield has become one of the areas of Mind-Body Medicine that is recognized today by the National Institute of Health.

“A good energy healing feels like a shower does to the physical body. We feel cleansed, refreshed, and revitalized. Healing serves to release blockages, fill in weak areas, activate dormant or sluggish energy, and balance the energies in our system”. — Linda Greischel, Divine Eros, The Alchemy of Soul and Spirit

One aspect of the effect of trauma or injury in the field can be categorized as contraction, like a tightly-closed fist. This is a reactive mechanism of protection that the body naturally employs. In work with the Human Biofield healers address the alignment of the structures of the energy body, thus allowing expansion to occur which in turn allows healing. The body is an amazing machine, divinely designed with a strong cellular memory of wholeness. When given a chance the body moves beyond past limitations based on fears or injuries caused by traumatic events and returns to a natural state of homeostasis or balance.

“That which haunts us will always find a way out. The wound will not heal unless given witness. The shadow that follows is the way in.” — RUMI

In the process of living we accumulate energetic distortions in the biofield that can dictate continued unhealthy patterns to the tissues and organ systems. This may be in the form of memories or thought forms which are deeply entrenched in the mind-body, making it impossible to move past certain events or experiences. Energy healing creates a matrix that allows for revitalization and regeneration of all involved structures. We often look for causal factors by interviewing the patient and tracking back the onset of symptoms to the events that were occurring in life during the traumatic time period. Causal factors can be emotional, mental and physical. Problems that show up in the field may be from trauma, losses, disconnections and imbalances of all sorts. Extreme trauma can cause loss of parts of the energy body, in the mystical traditions of Shamanism this is called soul loss. Soul retrieval is the use of the Shamanic Journey to find and recover the power loss and soul loss that can occur in life. I generally try to do this after I have applied sufficient energy healing to the field structures so the person is as stable as possible in order to welcome home and reconnect with their lost parts.

“Energy flows where attention goes” (creating the world with our minds – On quantum physics)

All atoms once believed to be solid are actually a pattern of energy, which physicists have found to exist. The closer they look at atoms the less solid it appears; instead it is predominantly an energy pattern, which is 99.9% space. That space is filled with light, which is in a constant state of flux. The pattern of energy seems to appear where ever you look for it, and forms a pattern based on the observer’s expectations of how it will appear. The laws of particle physics now explain that all patterns are able to exist everywhere and now many of our beliefs about solid matter are really changing.

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