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Shamanism is the practice of working with the powers of the natural world that exist inside and outside of 3-D reality. It is globally seen in indigenous cultures and may involve rituals and ceremony, including contact with external spirits and power animals.

In the shamanic journey, which is used for information gathering and healing, the shaman travels into the realms of non-ordinary reality. In Western terms, this might be called psycho-navigation, and is defined as the mental experience of moving through inner space, the space perceived as mind. The shamanic journey may involve moving backwards into memory, or the past, or forward into future events. There can be shifts in personal identity or insights not normally possessed by the person including contact with spirit helpers, guides and power animals. This fascinating ability seems to be an inherent human brain activity.

In shamanism, the world is viewed as a web of intricate energy connections in which all life is interdependent. It is a cosmos made up of fiber like energy streams, strands of light like the circulatory system of the human body. We are all seen as within the web shaping our own reality. Shamanism confirms the connectedness of all things and affirms that everything that exists has a spirit and is connected to the Earth and all the rest of life through this energetic web. Physics today has named this energetic web the Quantum Hologram.Shamanic Power Animal Deer

In shamanism the three potential causes of illness are seen as:

  • Power loss
  • Soul loss (loss of essence)
  • Attachment of unwanted spirits or entities

For example: Misfortune, trauma or accident, as well as dysfunctional family dynamics may commonly be assumed to be potential causes of power loss.


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