Spirit Releasement Therapy

by Marsha

This is a treatment that re-boots your energy body and reconnects you to vital life force energy.

This treatment is done remotely.

It clears the auric field and chakras of all entities, negative energy, and stored trauma. This treatment also clears curses, negative thought forms, implants and cords.

This treatment measures the vibration of your energy body in MHz both before and after the treatment, and it tells us how well connected you are to your instinct and your spiritual guidance.

The treatment requires I have a photo of you and schedule time for a phone intake before the work is done so I can talk to you and gather the necessary information and impressions I will need to complete the treatment. The actual work occurs while you are asleep and we have a follow-up call the next day to see how you are feeling and to give you the report.

The Spirit Release Therapy is a very complete clearing and there is a recovery period of a few days or weeks which is unique to each person. After the field is clear your entire system will refill with new fresh energy and life force.


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