Violet Flame

by Marsha

The Violet Flame as a Healing Modality

The Violet Flame is a healing dispensation from the Master Alchemist, Ascended Master St Germain. It is known as the Violet transmuting flame. In physics, it is known that parts of an atom vibrate around the center or nucleus of the atom. At the cellular level, in the mostly empty space of the atom, is where discordant energy can collect. It would appear to be dust if we could hold it up in the sunlight and see into it. Humans store all their experiences in their structures. On a cellular level this may be in any body system or organ such as the skin, the liver or the bones. Violet Flame can be invoked to bring in healing, clearing energy, and carrying the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation. This will clear and heal the space into which it is activated. It may be used in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body of a person. It may also be invoked to clear a space of toxic energy such as a home or office.

Kirlean photography shows the immediate change in the fields of healers who are invoking the violet flame. The color can be seen shifting to violet. This is a confirmation of science and spirituality. The Violet Flame, a mystical dispensation, can be used by all of us and the results will be clear and immediate.

If you have ever seen an Amethyst Geode with purple crystal points, it is easier to imagine how the violet flame may look. Meditation with the Violet Flame is easy to imagine if you can visualize a giant open geode of amethyst so large you could enter into and be surrounded by it’s structure, color and frequency.

Before you work with a tool of great power such as the Violet Flame it is important to be grounded and centered in your body and in your space. Pray for protection before you start.

I am including this information because I sometimes use this in my treatments and I encourage you to explore this for your own benefit.

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