When we’re attuned to the power, transformation occurs

Allow yourself to go to a higher level of freedom & awareness…

where your body will feel lighter and your spirit can access higher evolutionary levels

Marsha Jessee is a master healer & bodyworker

She has many years of experience perfecting massage* and healing arts modalities both singularly and
in various combinations. She has taught and practiced massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, Reiki, meditation, and so much more.

“I was held in the hands of pure spirit work. Her hands moving across my body felt magnetic, as if, thru her, spirit was literally drawing out toxic energies that had been exhausting my body, my thoughts and emotions for so long…. Since that one session with Marsha, I haven’t had any more stomach pain.” — Nancy Charade

By working with Marsha you will…

  • Gain a new sense of connectedness to your wholeness
  • Experience improved clarity
  • Have an enhanced feeling of well-being
  • Boost your immune system

Energy healing can even help you…

  • Heal emotional scars
  • Release long-held traumas
  • Enhance physical vitality
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Increase your spiritual awareness and intuition
  • Begin to heal and release everyday ailments rapidly
  • Assist you in healing from surgical procedures

Marsha’s signature energy healing treatment is the work of a true master, “who can see with her hands and her consciousness.” This treatment is never the same twice, and is in fact an intuitive blend spontaneously and exactly formulated for you and your session. Book a session with Marsha today »

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