Marsha Jessee is a mind/body therapist with a natural Shamanic gift for healing in addition to years of experience practicing and teaching in the healing arts. Throughout her career Marsha’s focus has been on empowering people by clearing and balancing the Human Energy Body. Her education ranges from a traditional University Education to a wide range and variety of Holistic Healing Arts.

The focus of Marsha’s work is to assist and inspire clients to live at greater levels of spiritual evolution within the human experience. She has enormous compassion and dedication developed over years in working with thousands of cases in which she has served as a guide in the restoration of a peaceful body, mind and spirit.

Marsha shares, “I specialize in therapy for the Human Biofield (energy body). The Human Energy Field is a sacred interface between our physical bodies, our consciousness and the world around us. In the process of living we accumulate tensions and patterns in the field as well as imprints of emotional and physical experiences. In many cases, it is believed that mental, physical or emotional trauma can cause soul loss. It has been increasingly proven that the human energy field affects us on all levels and needs to be clear and high functioning for optimal health and freedom.”

What others are saying about Marsha

“Marsha is definitely one of a kind. She is an extraordinary energy healer. She is patient, compassionate and attentive. I was surprised at first at how powerful her energy is and that she has the ability to work with so many modes of energy healing. I always feel relaxed and energized after our sessions. I have had a profound and positive life changing experience when Marsha worked on me with Shamanic healing. I would recommend her to everyone.” — Rashmi Mohan

“I would like to recommend Marsha’s energy healing and astral body clearing work. In my sessions with her she could see very clearly what was happening to me in the physical (higher) realms. She is an outstanding clairvoyant/clairsentient and very dedicated to her healing practice. I believe she can be of great assistance to others who have difficulties in the physical and psychic arenas.” — Judy Brown

“I was unable to see past the pain of what was occurring deep inside my soul…. The work that we did together helped me see another side of what was going on and helped me put into words feelings that I had been suppressing because I saw those feelings as failure when in fact those feelings were telling me to free myself. I have failed to put into words how this experience not only helped me but also how I feel it is helping me as I look forward to a future that allows my spirit to soar and my soul begins to glow. I still feel Marsha’s work though me occurring every day and every once in a while, I wonder if she’s checking in on me. I take a deep breath and breathe to just say thank you.” — Steve

“I was held in the hands of pure spirit work. Her hands moving across my body felt magnetic, as if, her spirit was literally drawing out toxic energies that had been exhausting my body, my thoughts and emotions for so long…. Since that one session with Marsha, I haven’t had any more stomach pain.”
Nancy Charade

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