Energy Healing

The work of healing is a co-creation,
the freewill of the patient,
the assistance of the spiritual realm and the
experience of the facilitator all help the energy flow

Today we have widespread discontent with Western medicine. This is based on concerns
about the safety and financial cost of conventional medical practices, especially pharmaceutical
scandals and dangers. Complementary and alternative medicine is seen as increasingly useful
to establish balance within the totality of medical treatment.

Energy medicine addresses the supposition that illness may result from causal factors which have disturbed the body’s energy’s and energy fields. Furthermore it is believed that these imbalances can be addressed via interventions into these energies and energy fields. There are many forms of energy such as kinetic, thermal, chemical and nuclear. In the case of energy medicine we are dealing with those most pertinent to the body: electrical, electromagnetic and subtle energies. The hypothesis that the body’s major energy systems operate using varying combinations of these corresponds with a wide range of scientific data.

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The healer who works energetically invokes the spiritual support and guidance of the divine realm to which she is connected. It is, therefore, within this context that the healer works within the will of the client to heal. The healer is ideally able to put ego aside and remain an empty vessel necessary for the energy to pass through.

Healing is delicate and subtle and is not the imposition of any forceful ideologies or mechanical adjustments. Ideally, healing work is evolutionary which means it addresses the roots and causes of issues as they come to settle in our bodies and our minds. I believe that we must maintain reverence for healing in order to keep it sacred and allow all possibilities to be available. The energy body is related to spiritual matters in a very fundamental way and this fact predisposes the work of the energy healer to be spiritual work. The clearing and healing of the energy body may remove psychological causes of disease that are rooted in the emotions. After this kind of shift, new fresh energy can enter the mind body and spirit and changes on all levels are common.


Once a patient is cleared of auric contamination or has soul retrieval work it is important to address the issue of the patient’s part is in maintaining the new condition. In the case of a person who has a huge shift from healing work, it is important for them to have in place a support system (which can be family, friends or professional counselors) to assist them during the time of integration. There can be a return of memories and a shift into unfamiliar freedom.

It is imperative for the patient to take responsibility for their part in the existence of the conditions they are working with and to realize that our thoughts and judgments have a great deal to do with the appearance and creation of toxic conditions in the field. We can re-create certain states of illness by dwelling on the negatives or by continuing in a victim role. It is therefore necessary and encouraged for the patient to look within and see what may be necessary on their part as far as forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. In order to heal, each person is encouraged to release emotionally and mentally. In the co-creation we must all be fully present.