Soul Retrieval

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My teacher, Sandra Ingerman, tells us that Soul Retrieval is the process of mending the fragmented self.  The Shaman believes that Soul loss occurs from trauma or power loss where some of the pure essence of the person is lost.

There has been a revival of Shamanism in cultures all over the earth for the last 20 or 30 years and at last we have access to these lost practices of healing such as Soul Retrieval.

“Soul loss is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease” (p.1 Soul Retrieval, by Sandra Ingerman).  Causes of soul loss may be anything that creates significant upset to a person so that they are traumatized enough that a fragment of their vital wholeness is lost.  Traumas such as rape, incest, abuse, death of someone close, divorce, war, and addiction are pertinent examples.  Everyone’s tolerance level is different and some things that are not bad for one person may cause soul loss to someone who is very sensitive.  Trauma does not necessarily have to be as radical as the ones previously listed.  I always ask my clients if they have been in any car accidents or have had surgery in which they were anaesthetized.  These were examples I personally experienced.

So where does the lost piece go?  It travels to a place known as non ordinary reality.  The Shaman uses the sound of a drum beat to alter her brainwaves so she can journey her consciousness to go out and retrieve the pieces of someone’s lost soul and bring it back to them.

This is an ancient and mystical tradition steeped with the ceremonies of many traditions over thousands of years.  The healers who perform these journeys maybe be naturally gifted or not and they are carefully trained to perform this sacred work.

Please remember it is important to note that most healers are wounded beings themselves, who have healed with the help of others and have seen first-hand the benefits of this type of Shamanic Healing work.

We do this healing by performing a Shamanic Journey.  The experience itself is rich and mystical.  I think it satisfies some deep longing we all have for primal connection to our innate divinity.  When the pieces are found and returned by blowing them back into the person, I like to imagine it’s like returning a ball of pure divine light into someone.

The results are a sense of wholeness and increased inner calmness.  Confidence may improve and many other positive changes can occur in a person’s life after Soul Retrieval.

Some tell-tale signs that you may need a Soul Retrieval are big gaps in memory like lost time, (Oh, I can’t remember anything about my childhood from age 3 to 10).  Also, “I ‘ve never felt the same since… (my brother died, or “I got fired” or “I saw that awful scene of violence”) …you get the idea.

For more information on this form of therapy please feel free to contact me and I am happy to talk to you and answer your questions.

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